Continuing Anyone?

•June 24, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Now that our digital imaging course is pretty much over, i was wondering if anyone would continue blogging about their work at school? It not a bad idea, since it gets your work “out there”….however it just seems like such a hassle to update every week or so..


Final Booklet

•June 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

I scanned a whole bunch of clothes, and made a little catalog of my fall 2009 wardrobe. I guess the booklet isn’t really made for anyone but myself. It could pass as a store’s catalog if i added prices or something, enjoy!


Project 03

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My initial idea was to either do a portfolio-type booklet or a short story. I scanned all the things i needed to rewrite my story……but i couldn’t find the story itself. I didn’t want to waste the images i spent so long to scan, because they turned out looking amazing, so my new idea is much more simple. It just focuses on the scans being works of art.

The Zoo

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Here is where i would place my project 2 poster in real life. Its pretty obvious it’d go in front of a zoo, another place i was considering was a school, but the poster itself is not really an education type poster? i imagined it sort of like plastered over the zoo’s front entrance without the zoo management’s agreement.blog024

Project Two

•June 15, 2009 • 2 Comments

Here are the original images and the final project for project two. All the images i used were from the web, and were live traced.

For the final image i had to manually draw in all the black/ white stripes and use the head/body of different elephants. I chose the font for its bold-ness and because i thought it looked sort of like a graffiti stencil (i was aiming for a guerilla type poster.) The logo is supposed to be a panda (drawn with a pen) holding a mug shot plate saying “AAC against animal cruelty” -maybe its too small to tell? And in the end i decided not to add any colour, just because it seemed more effective black and white.


Black and White

•June 3, 2009 • 6 Comments

Here is the image for the second project, I’m debating if i should keep the entire poster black and white or if i should add some colour (either on the elephant, text, or background??)


Photoshop’s a Beach

•June 1, 2009 • 2 Comments

Here are my original images from our first project (from the aquarium, beach, and last summer’s trip to Macau)
From the Aquariumproj01blog02proj01blog03proj01blog04

Overall the project went fairly well. The thing I’ve had the most trouble with was the colour tone adjustments needed to make all the bits look like they belonged in one image. Not to mention the selecting was pain-staking. Finally, i wish i used a picture of a building where you could see the sides. However i hear there is a filter where you can fake that?proj01blog06